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Welcome to Pure-lē Protein, not your typical milkshake-like protein powder. It is a natural, light and refreshing experience that delivers the protein you want without all the unnecessary ingredients (and calories) you don’t. Give Pure-lē Protein a brisk shake and watch 15 grams of 100% hydrolyzed whey protein isolate infuse into a translucent, refreshing drink right before your eyes. And what you see is what you get: 3 natural ingredients, no fat, no carbohydrates or sugars and only 59 calories per serving. No artificial anything and lightly sweetened only with stevia leaf extract. Simple, powerful, and delicious. So clean it barely adds any taste to your water.

– Anti-Aging
– Blood Sugar & Weight
– Bone & Joint Health
– Cognitive Health
– Detox & Cleansing
– Digestive Health
– Foundational Nutrition

– Heart Health
– Immune Support
– Beauty
– Sleep & Mood
– Pain & Inflammation
– Performance
– Sexual Health


Jar 255g

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Grass Fed Cross Flow Microfiltered (CFM) Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate (GMO and rBST free), Silica (to ease mixing), Stevia.


Do not use this product if you have a milk allergy.


No blender required. Briskly mix (or shake) 1.5 tablespoons into 240ml (8oz) of water, wait 30 seconds, drink and enjoy! For best results, use a shaker cup.

Take a few hours before or after taking other medications

Store tightly sealed in a cool, dry place. Keep out of the reach of children.

Contents sold by weight, not volume.


Not your Father’s Protein

Virtually all protein products are formulated and manufactured with compromises. These are done in the name of making the product easier to manufacture, and / or to reduce costs. But each compromise ends up having an effect on the finished product, and the more compromises made, the greater the magnitude of effect.

Over a decade ago, Pure-lē started our protein journey with one overarching mantra. ZERO COMPROMISES. It took thousands of samples and over 10 years to realize our lofty goal and we are proud of our achievements.
We start with only the best ingredients. Our base is the purest & cleanest Grass Fed Cross Flow Microfiltered (CFM) Hydrolyzed Whey Protein Isolate (GMO and rBST free). We sweeten with the purest natural (zero calorie) stevia concentrate. We flavour with pure fruit powders (lemon and watermelon). To make it easier to mix we add natural silica. That’s it. Nothing else. The result is the most refreshing, easy to mix, great tasting protein, period. No chalkiness, no grit and no creaminess.

Finally protein that is so good that you drink it all the time because you enjoy it; so good for you that you feel guilty that its guilt-free.
Get healthy & fit, not ripped
Many people are not trying to become the next hulk or she hulk. They don’t want to spend countless hours in the gym every day or carefully count every morsel of food they eat. They just want to live a healthier lifestyle and be “fit”
You may want to improve your general health. You may have a specific health goal. You may want to get leaner, improve endurance, strength or preserve muscle. You may want to improve your immunity, bone, joint, heart, or skin health. You may want to support your healthy eating plan. Whatever your good health goals, Pure-lē protein is your protein.
Up until now, if fitness focused people wanted to supplement with high quality protein, they were forced to use “bodybuilding” products. These products made compromises (mainly in taste and cleanliness) in the pursuit of bulk and profits. But why should you live with cheap quality, poor mixing, heavily sweetened and bad tasting protein?
Now you can have the best of ALL worlds; great taste, easy mixing, complete protein with the highest bioavailability, refreshing, and light. Low (or no depending on flavour) carbohydrate, low calorie, no sugar, kosher, with no fat or lactose and nothing artificial!
Loose the heavy shakes and smoothies. Refresh with Pure-lē Protein.
Superior health benefits for sports nutrition
Superior nutritional quality, rich in all essential amino acids and branched-chain amino acids
Stimulate muscle growth and regeneration more effectively than other protein sources
Support healthy weight and body composition
Support healthy bones
Due to their digestibility and rapid absorption; speed up muscle recovery for enhanced performance



Over Four Generations of creating great formulations, we have learned that neither quality nor ingredient choice is a destination unto itself. Rather it is a route to our ultimate destination, which is your trust. For the truth about science is that we are always learning and improving, so each choice we make must be grounded in the best information and practices available, while are always seeking to expand and update that knowledge. This is how we focus each day on gaining and retaining your trust to make those choices wisely on your behalf. This philosophy of putting your trust first, and making each decision with the singular focus of doing what is right by our customers, has led us to develop our quality manifesto – The 5 P’s of Purele – from which we have committed never to deviate, as well as ironclad policies around ingredient sourcing. We invite you to find out more:
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