Orange Sweet Essential Oil

100% Pure

100% Pure

When you peel an orange, do you ever notice tiny droplets spray from the peel (as opposed to the fruit segments), and an intense burst of orange aroma at the same time? What you are noticing is the essential oil that lives in the peel of the orange, escaping as you open the fruit.

Orange Sweet, or Sweet Orange is often referred to simply as Orange Oil. It is made by cold pressing the rinds of fresh ripe sweet oranges immediately after picking. It is distinct from and should not be confused with bitter orange, which is from a different species, has a very different scent and is therapeutically divergent.

With its versatility, affordability and wonderfully uplifting aroma, Orange Sweet Essential Oil is one of the most popular of essential oils within aromatherapy due to its versatility uplifting scent and affordability. Orange Sweet Oil is cheerful and helps to improve the aroma of many products and even stale-smelling or smoky rooms. Owing to its versatility, Sweet Orange Essential Oil has become a popular ingredient within a wide assortment of natural (and some not-so-natural) foods, cosmetics, bath products and household cleaning products, including those from mainstream brands.

Diffusing the sweet smelling Orange Sweet Essential Oil calms the mind and emotions after a long day at work. It helps to purify the air in your home and will leave you feeling refreshed. It also works as a mood-lifter due to its antidepressant properties. Orange Sweet Essential Oil is added to many beauty products like lotions and acne treatments. You may also use it in the kitchen to clean counters and tables.

– Digestive Health
– Beauty
– Immune Support
– Sexual Health
– Detoxification / Cleansing
– Sleep & Mood
– Pain & Inflammation

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100% Pure Orange Sweet Essential Oil (Citrus sinensis). No fillers or diluents.

Contains No yeast, wheat, gluten, sweeteners, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in our Canadian GMP facility.


A few people have experienced dermatitis (skin irritation) from the natural limonene content of this oil. May cause skin sensitivity when exposed to the sun immediately after use.


For a refresher at the end of the day, massage 3 drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil into a teaspoon of Jojoba Oil and massage your face and skin before stepping into the bath. Put 3 drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil and 3 drops of Lavender Essential Oil into a car diffuser to keep long trips pleasant, especially when driving with children; or put 6 drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil and Lavender Essential Oil into a 100ml. spray bottle with distilled water for a lovely, relaxing pillow spray.

Burners and vapourizers
In vapor therapy Orange oil can help uplift, boost energy and refresh the air.

Food and Drink
Add a single drop of Orange Essential Oil to your water for a refreshing burst of citrus flavour.

Massage or in the bath
Add a few drops of Orange Sweet Essential Oil to a warm bath to uplift and energize.

Diluted Orange Sweet Essential Oil can help refresh and rejuvenate.


Orange Sweet Essential Oil is a very popular ingredient in soaps, shampoos and skin cleansers. This is due to its pleasant scent, ability to blend well with other oils and its strong cleansing abilities.

Orange Sweet Essential oil can help skin look smoother, brighter and younger. The anti-inflammatory properties of this oil help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles by eliminating free radicals. Orange Sweet Essential oil is also an effective natural skin cleanser. It helps remove dirt and bacteria that can clog pores and lead to acne.

Orange Sweet Essential oil is shown to promote the production of collagen (helping to firm and smooth skin) as well as increase the blood flow to the skin. It is helpful at soothing dry, irritated skin as well as reducing skin blemishes. It is excellent for rubbing on calluses on the feet.

Orange Sweet Essential oil is high in vitamin C—a key ingredient in many cosmetics and skin care products. Vitamin C is used in the treatment of hyperpigmentation and other skin changes associated with exposure to sunlight. It also contains high levels of antioxidants that help to prevent oxidative stress that results in premature aging.

Just breathing in Orange Sweet Essential oil may help ease anxiety. Researchers looked at how different concentrations of the oil affected anxiety. The research found that participants exposed to Orange Sweet Essential oil had less anxiety, greater alertness, and a more positive mood than those in the control group.

Orange Sweet Essential Oil is an uplifting oil. Its crisp, fresh, citrusy scent helps to lift your spirits and increase energy levels. Use helps to inhibit cortisol, the stress hormone that saps energy leading to lethargy, stress, mood disorders and weight gain. Orange Sweet Essential Oil’s fragrance can also help to balance hormones and support emotional responses.

When used in aromatherapy Orange Sweet Essential Oil shows remarkable efficacy in reducing both pain and anxiety. Researchers tested this by studying patients in emergency rooms suffering from bone fractures. Researchers divided patients into a therapy group (with Orange Sweet Essential Oil placed on a pad attached to their collar) and a control group (no intervention). They found a significant difference between the anxiety and pain levels in the intervention group compared to the control group.

We all experience stress and stress leads to many things including inflammation which intern is linked to a vast array of diseases ranging from high blood pressure and cancer to premature aging. Orange Sweet Essential oil helps to reduce inflammation. It helps to eliminate the free radicals that can compound damage. Studies have found Orange Sweet Essential Oil has strong anti-inflammatory and antioxidant actions.

Orange Sweet Essential oil may be sweet smelling but don’t underestimate its cleaning and disinfecting power. Clinical studies have demonstrated that Orange Sweet Essential oil came out on top when compared to the industrial chemicals nisisn and tyllosin. Orange was able to tackle gram positive and gram negative cultures as well as yeasts (which the chemicals had no activity against) and moulds. Orange Sweet Essential oil has the added benefit of safety, where the chemicals have narrow safety range as well as strict use and handling requirements.

Blends well with
Black pepper, Cinnamon, Clove, Ginger, Frankincense, Sandalwood and Vetiver.


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