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Fiberrific + Vitamin D


Fiberrific+ vitamin D is the cleanest, purest and easiest to use targeted immune, cardiovascular, digestive and bone health support available. Fiberrific+ vitamin D mixes with almost anything. An ideal addition as a vegan prebiotic with vitamin D, it is completely taste-free, grit-free and will never thicken. It contains instant inulin, a natural fiber extracted from chicory.

– Antimicrobial
– Improved digestion
– Immune Support
– Bone health

97% Prebiotic Pure fiber
Unlike psyllium-based products at only 3.5%
250 g – 60 Serving portions

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4.5 g Instant Inulin (Chicory root fiber), 12.5 mcg (500 IU) Vitamin D2 (Ergocalciferol).


Consult a health care practitioner for use under 7 years of age or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Discontinue use if hypersensitivity occurs. Initial increase in gas and flatulence which subsides with continued use.


Children 7-13: take 1/2 – 1 tsp. daily. 14+ and adults: take 1 tsp. daily. Slowly add to at least 125 ml of any beverage or soft food (hot or cold). Let stand 30 seconds then stir until dissolved. Take with food.



You may feel that powdered fiber supplements are unpleasant to take. But now, Fiberrific gives you all the benefits you want from a fiber supplement without the drawbacks. Just mix in water, your favorite hot or cold drinks,* and soft foods. You won’t even know it’s there!

What is FIBERrific + vitamin D?
It is the taste-free instant supplement made especially for your immune health and to prevent disease. Your digestive system is central to your body’s daily functions and when it is out of balance, you’re out of balance. With a single teaspoon of FIBERrific + vitamin D, you’ll treat your body to our unique blend of fiber, prebiotic and vegan vitamin D, which will help your digestive and immune systems retain the balance that nature intended. Try it and see how different you feel.

What are prebiotics and probiotics?
Probiotics are a good kind of natural bacteria. They give your system the friendly active cultures it likes and craves. Prebiotics are nature’s food for probiotics. Probiotics feed on prebiotics to help them flourish and work hard to keep you healthy. Prebiotics and probiotics work together to help crowd out the disease-causing bacteria from your body.

What is Vitamin D?
Vitamin D, know as “the sunshine vitamin” has received quite a bit of attention over the last few years. Recently, the recommended amounts for Vitamin D have increased for people of all ages. This is of great concern as Vitamin D is not found in many foods and virtually all North Americans are deficient.

Vitamin D is a nutrient that helps your body function optimally, ward off disease and absorb calcium. Calcium and Vitamin D work together to help you maintain healthy bones and teeth. Vitamin D also helps your muscles, nerves and immune system work properly. Recent research has shown that vitamin D may be linked to lowering the risk of diseases such as multiple sclerosis and some cancers.

What you won’t find in FIBERrific +vitamin D

Fat – FIBERrific +vitamin D is completely fat free

Flavour – FIBERrific +vitamin D has no flavour. Adding it to your favorite foods and drinks will not change their flavour, but it will make them healthier.

Colour – FIBERrific +vitamin D has no colour. Adding it to your favorite foods and drinks will not change their colour, but it will make them healthier.

Texture – FIBERrific +vitamin D has no texture when mixed in foods. Adding it to your favorite foods and drinks will not change their texture, but it will make them healthier.

Sweeteners – FIBERrific +vitamin D has no sweeteners. Adding it to your favorite foods and drinks will not change their taste, but it will make them healthier.

How FIBERrific +vitamin D works
FIBERrific +vitamin D Protects your heath in multiple ways simultaneously. The FIBERrific portion D helps keep your digestive and elimination systems functioning optimally. It provides 4.5g of soluble fiber in each dose, which wards off both constipation and diarrhea. The fiber portion is also classified as a prebiotic, providing food for probiotics that helps them thrive and fight off harmful (pathogentic) bacteria, viruses and other invaders.  FIBERrific  also helps increase your absorpton of many nutrients including calcium, magnesium, iron, zinc, B-vitamins and protein.

The Vitamin D portion protects your immune system to fight off invading bacteria and viruses, preventing disease and infection. It improves muscle efficiency through your body (including your heart muscle) by strengthening and improving muscle function.

Your body also needs Vitamin D for nerves to be able to carry messages from your brain to the rest of your body. Vitamin D can also help your mood. Research has found that a lack of Vitamin D in the blood is linked with being depressed and a lack of Vitamin D in the blood makes one more likely to develop depression.

The link between Vitamin D and bone health is well known. It promotes calcium absorption in the gut and maintains blood calcium and phosphate levels enabling proper bone health. Without sufficient Vitamin D, bones can become thin, brittle or warped.

Studies now suggest that Vitamin D  helps protect against certain cancers, including colon, prostate and breast cancer.

Healthy digestion is vitally important
Your digestive system performs two very important functions: It absorbs the nutrients your body needs from the food you eat, and it forms a protective barrier against substances that might do your body harm. When your digestive system is out of balance, you can feel out of balance — Sluggish, uncomfortable, and bloated.

Better immunity
When your digestive system is in balance, there are additional friendly bacteria (probiotics) that strengthen the ability of the immune cells surrounding your digestive system to defend against toxins, bacteria and allergens. Researchers have found that your digestive system’s immune cells signal immune cells elsewhere in your body to increase or decrease activity. This means that improved digestion leads to improved immunity, which ultimately leads to a healthier you.

How did I get out-of-balance?
There are lots of factors that can have a negative effect on the friendly bacteria in your body. Disruptive things like a poor diet, constant stress, poor sleep and antibiotics all take their toll. As the number of friendly bacteria decreases, there’s more opportunity for unfriendly bacteria to move in.

Adding FIBERrific + vitamin D exclusive blend of prebiotic fiber and vitamin D to your system can help crowd out the unfriendly organisms by creating a supportive environment for the friendly ones to take back their territory, while at the same time giving a boost to virtually every system in your body to help prevent disease!
Your body knows how to take care of itself. With a little assistance from you, in the form of FIBERrific + vitamin D, you can give your body that extra help every day.



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