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Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium


When trying to select a calcium product factors that should be taken into account include solubility, bioavailability, cost, elemental calcium level (amount of actual calcium) specific health conditions (and digestive health) of the user, and any other drugs or supplements being used that have the potential to interact with this supplement. Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium is ideal for all users as it is organic, easy to take, high in elemental calcium, has no taste, causes no stomach upset and includes absorption enhancers making it one of the most absorbable calcium products available.

  • ORGANIC calcium form for better absorption without digestive issues. BETTER ABSORPTION, The ingredients in Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium have been formulated for maximum Absorption, Utilization & Regulation of Calcium in the body.
  • BONE SUPPORT SUPPLEMENT with plant derived organic calcium, TARGETS the Root Causes of Bone Health & Bone Density Issues.
  • HIGHLY BIOAVAILABLE Source of Calcium with Naturally Occurring Absorption enhancers (FIBERrific & Vitamin D).
  • CALCIUM HELPS WITH Forming bones and teeth, blood clotting, muscle contraction, nerve function, preventing cancer, preventing high blood pressure & reducing symptoms of PMS
  • SUPERIOR FORMULA: Calcium works best when paired with Vitamin D and FIBERrific together daily, and our formula combines all three in 1 single formula for ease of use and absorption.
  • Contains ESSENTIAL BONE HEALTH NUTRIENTS – Calcium, Vitamin D, Potassium, Phosphorus, and FIBERrific.
– Blood Sugar & weight
– Bone & Joint Health
– Foundational Nutrition
– Heart Health
– Stress & Energy

– Beauty
– Sleep & Mood
– Pain & Inflammation
– Performance
– Sexual Health


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Each teaspoon contains 2465 mg of Calcium (from Calcium potassium phosphorus complex, and Calcium Gluconate Lactate) providing 375mg elemental calcium, 12.5 mcg of vegan vitamin D (ergocalciferol) and the absorption enhancer FIBERrific (instant inulin).

Contains No yeast, wheat, gluten, sweeteners, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in our Canadian GMP facility.


Keep out of the reach of children.


Adults & children, take 1-2 teaspoons daily. Add slowly to your favorite drink (hot or cold). Mix thoroughly. Ideal for use in yogurt, shakes (including protein), greens, and smoothies.

Health Canada License (NPN): 80015821


Historically, calcium supplements have (and continue to be) difficult to take, poorly absorbed and cause digestive problems. This is because most supplements are made using inexpensive, chalky calcium forms that are better suited to a blackboard than they are to your health. Yes, the most commonly used form of calcium in supplements, calcium carbonate is what we commonly refer to as chalk. In the hope of getting any calcium from chalk, you need to endure huge, nasty chalky tasting pills and pray that your digestive system is up to the task of breaking them down and absorbing them. Unfortunately for most of us, the way the nasty chalky pill got in us is also the way it leaves us, mostly intact. University of Alberta researchers found that most vitamin and mineral pills went through our systems (and into the toilet) fairly intact. On the way these “bathroom bullets” cause a great deal of stomach issues as you might expect, passing what for all intent and purposes are stones.

There is a better way!

Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium is a tasteless, odourless powder that can be mixed into any drink or soft food without changing the taste.  Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium is calcium in its raw organic form. It is highly absorbable and bioavailable, without causing digestive difficulties.
Traditional calcium supplements are made of inorganic calcium (bone meal, calcium carbonate, calcium citrate, coral calcium, oyster calcium, etc) essentially powdered rock.  In order for inorganic Calcium to be absorbed it must first be solubilized and ionized by stomach acid. For most people, ionization of inorganic calcium (the type most widely used in supplements) is a major problem and highly inefficient at best.

Studies show most of us are severely deficient in stomach acid. People with insufficient stomach acid can only absorb about 4% of calcium carbonate.  Under ideal conditions, a person with normal stomach acid can only absorb 20% at best.  Patients with low stomach acid need to use a form of calcium already in a soluble and ionized state, like those found in Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium. Since it is already bioavailable, people with impaired stomach acid can absorb organic calcium instead of excreting it as they do with the inorganic calcium they could not ionize.
Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium is highly absorbable, in part, because it is 100% soluble. Stomach acid is not needed to break it down. Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium enters your body in a completely soluble form ready for immediate absorption.

Many people are “deficient” in magnesium despite taking a “calcium / magnesium” supplement regularly. This is because traditional calcium supplements suppress your body’s ability to absorb magnesium. In the pH environment of the small intestine, inorganic minerals tend to attach themselves to one another and form precipitation. Once precipitated, the minerals fall out of solution together and become non-absorbable. As a result, inorganic calcium supplements dramatically reduce magnesium absorption.

This is why everyone needs to supplement magnesium if they use inorganic calcium. In effect you are just replacing the magnesium your inorganic calcium supplement robbed from your body. Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium doesn’t interact with other compounds thanks to its strong molecular structure and complete solubility. Therefore Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium will not affect magnesium absorption.

Prove it yourself
Test your current calcium supplement. See how soluble and absorbable it is (or is not), and how much of it (and your magnesium) precipitates out.  Take your calcium and put 1 serving into a clear bottle with 500ml (2 cups) white vinegar.  Let it sit for 1-2 minutes then mix well.
The vinegar is a weak acid solution designed to simulate our stomach acids (although not a perfect simulation, it will demonstrate the point). Leave the bottle with the vinegar and calcium for 1/2 hour. Look and see if the calcium has dissolved and how much of it has stayed in solution (not on the bottom of the bottle).  Now try the same experiment with Easy Calcium comparing solubility and the amount of precipitation. Remember, when it comes to calcium, what doesn’t stay in solution doesn’t stay in you!


When it comes to calcium it’s about the absorption. Why bother taking a supplement if you can’t absorb it? It’s like flushing your money (along with your health) down the toilet. Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium has been formulated for optimal absorption regardless of your health or digestion. Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium uses easy to absorb organic forms of calcium mixed with the absorption enhancers vitamin D and FIBERrific.

Calcium is absorbed either at the beginning or end of the small intestine.  In these areas there are both passive and active calcium transport sites.  Active sites require vitamin D to transport calcium through them, while passive sites do not require vitamin D.  It is worth noting that, while active sites are significantly larger than passive sites in size, there are over 10 times as many passive absorption sites as active absorption sites.

Inorganic forms of calcium (bone meal, carbonate, citrate, coral, oyster shell, etc.) are large molecules. They must rely on active transport sites because they simply cannot fit through the small size of passive sites. Thus, the absorption of inorganic calcium is limited as there are only a finite number of active sites at the beginning of the small intestine.

Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium, comprised entirely of small molecule organic calcium, is absorbed in its molecular form and doesn’t need vitamin D as a carrier to penetrate the mucous membrane.  It takes advantage of both the active absorption sites and the independent passive diffusion sites in the more alkaline environment at the end of the small intestine.  The passive sites allow absorption regardless of stomach acid levels, age, and gender, nutrition or hormone status.

Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium is able to take advantage of both the active and passive transport sites for maximum absorption. Highly absorbable throughout the entire digestive tract, Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium is the soluble and extremely bioavailable form of calcium.
To further enhance the absorption of Easy Vitamins & Minerals Calcium we have also added FIBERrific (instant inulin). Inulin’s effects on calcium absorption have been widely studied. Researchers have found as much as a 42% increase in calcium absorption when calcium and inulin are taken simultaneously. This effect has been found in girls, women, men and seniors.



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