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Capsicum Essential Oil

100% Pure

100% Pure

Capsicum oil enjoys a long history of use both internally as a concentrated spice flavour and heat agent for foods, and externally as a potent reliable muscle and joint pain reliever. Many people use it for digestive issues.

Capsicum Essential Oil is most frequently used in the kitchen adding the unique flavor and heat of capsicum to dishes, drinks and sauces. Try adding 1 drop to a tablespoon of your favorite dipping oil and enjoy a “hot” dip. If you find your hot sauce lacking, just add 1 drop and savor the improvement. Capsicum is effective for relief of the pain of minor aches, backaches, strains, sprains, and the symptomatic muscles’ pains and joints related to long term arthritis. Add a few drops to cream or ointment base. Care should be taken during application of creams with Capsicum Essential Oil in it, to not rub it on broken skin or along existing rashes.

– Digestive Health
– Heart Health
– Immune Support
– Pain & Inflammation
– Performance
– Stress & Energy


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100% Pure Capsicum Essential Oil (Capsicum annum var. frutescens). No fillers or diluents.
Contains No yeast, wheat, gluten, sweeteners, milk, egg, fish, shellfish or tree nut ingredients. Produced in our Canadian GMP facility.


Intense spice, use caution (and protection) when handling. Do not use without diluting.

Capsicum Essential Oil is the concentrated version of this intense spice. It is so intense that it is diluted to manufacture pepper spray. Care needs to be taken any time you handle Capsicum Essential Oil and be sure to wash well with soap and water prior to touching any mucus membranes (eyes, lips, etc) as it is a mucous membrane irritant and strong skin sensitizer. Do not diffuse Capsicum Essential Oil. The oil can be added to topical creams, ointments, gels and blends to create muscle and joint pain rubs. To increase its effectiveness and penetration into muscles and joints use in blends containing menthol.
Not advised for application greater than 0.1-0.5% dilution.


Capsicum is great for metabolism. It is a source of a vast number of medicinal compounds beyond Capsaicin. Together these compounds can lower triglycerides in the fat deposits. This has the effect of increasing metabolism (fat burning) while providing extra energy.

A rich source of vitamin A and C, capsicum is a potent antioxidant. These antioxidants combat the free radicals in the body and treat cardiac diseases, cataract, bronchial asthma and osteoarthritis. Capsicum is also considered a cardio tonic, helping to promote cardiovascular and heart health.

Capsicum Essential Oil is best known as a pain reliever. The main warming compound found in capsicum, capsaicin can block the transmission of pain to the spinal cord. This is why capsicum is included in most topical arthritis products, muscle strain and pain products and general pain revivers. You can find these products in many forms including creams, patches, gels, liniments and rubs.

Capsaicin (and intern Capsicum) is also believed to help prevent cancer. Studies have shown that it can prevent carcinogens from mixing with DNA.


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